The Greenwich Tree Conservancy, in partnership with the Town of Greenwich, has begun the creation of a town wide educational guide to our urban forest. Residents will be able to visit local parks to learn more about their community trees. The first tree loops have been marked in Bruce Park with identification labels. As this project spreads to neighboring parks, The Tree Conservancy hopes to partner with community organizations in helping residents understand and appreciate the treasures that are here for their enjoyment.









Silva Cell Initiative

The Tree Conservancy promotes installing tree filter bioretention systems on Greenwich Avenue and in town parking lots. These systems hold unlimited amounts of soil while supporting traffic loads beneath paving and other hardscapes. Trees are planted in engineered soil with structures that allow infiltration of stormwater, nutrient uptake, and prevention of vehicle traffic soil compaction. Within one year of installation, a single project can reduce over a million gallons of stormwater discharge, eliminate or reduce associated pollutants and provide increasing amounts of shade as the trees mature. Mature trees reduce airborne particulate pollution and surface pavement temperatures.

Installation on Greenwich Avenue


Diagram showing Silva Cell System


Shady Lanes Initiative

The Greenwich Tree Conservancy, in keeping with its vision of a healthy and beautiful town-wide community forest, announced in April 2011, its new Shady Lanes Initiative to select three main roadways each year to plant and steward trees. The 2011-2012 selected roads are: lower Lake Avenue, Sound Beach Avenue and Hamilton Avenue.


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