Notable Trees

There are tens of thousands of  trees within the Town of Greenwich.  Trees line our streets, stand in our parks, school grounds, and woodlands and they adorn the yards around our homes.  Among these thousands of trees there are many notable trees which are recognized for their great size, their history, or social significance.


Greenwich Notable Trees
Greenwich Notable Trees: Catalpa on North Street

The Greenwich Tree Conservancy is undertaking the update of the Notable Tree list for Greenwich. The list of Greenwich Notable trees was developed in the 1980s under the auspices of Connecticut College Arboretum to identify notable trees throughout the state. The current status of many of the Greenwich trees is unknown. We are working to locate these trees and update the status, eg, alive, removed, weakened, size.


Greenwich Notable Trees
Greenwich Notable Trees: Flowering Dogwood

We envision this initiative as having two phases: to determine the status of the existing list of Greenwich trees on the Connecticut College database, and next to identify potential additions to the list.

Click here for more info on Connecticut College’s notable trees program.