President’s Message

To Members and Friends of The Greenwich Tree Conservancy:GTC was founded in January 2007 because of a shared concern that there is insufficient recognition of the importance of trees in enhancing our community, our health and our quality of life. Because they are part of our everyday existence, it’s easy to overlook the many benefits that trees provide: they are silently and constantly at work cleaning our air, filtering our water, preventing soil erosion, protecting us from winds and shading us in the summer. As if that weren’t enough, the National Arbor Day Foundation has estimated that well-tended trees can increase property values by up to 15 percent.

The Greenwich Tree Conservancy is a public-private partnership with the Town of Greenwich. We do many things, such as planting trees, helping to locate and revitalize our town’s heritage trees, identifying sites for new tree plantings, providing guidance to the town on tree preservation, and advocating for policies and funding that will integrate tree protection and stewardship into community planning. All of this work is made possible through contributions by individuals and businesses to our tree planting programs and through the work of a dedicated volunteer board.

The Greenwich Tree Conservancy is a non-profit organization open to all interested citizens created to preserve and enhance the tree and forest resources of Greenwich, Connecticut to benefit the community, its health and its quality of life.

Please address contributions and special requests for tree planting to: JoAnn Messina, Executive Director, PO Box 4215, Greenwich, CT, 06831.

Urling Searle