Greenwich Free Press: P&Z Watch: CMS Pre-App Proposes Removal of Rock Outcropping and 1800 Trees 7.20.2023

An excerpt from the article regarding the Greenwich Planning & Zoning commission’s discussion of the Central Middle School pre-application on the removal of 1800 trees.

JoAnn Messina, chair of the Greenwich Tree Conservancy, said while she understood the importance of student safety, she was concerned about the tree count and the loss of mature tree canopy.

“We do not have a wonderful track record with the Board of Ed,” she said.

Like Mr. Popp, Messina urged that replacement trees be fully budgeted.

“Again, we have history with Greenwich High School, New Lebanon and Hamilton Avenue school that the trees were not planted as approved by a plan. It’s really important that we do that.”

Messina mentioned that if there weren’t enough locations for replacement trees at CMS, they could be planted on other school campuses, which has been done in the past.

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