The Great Oak Tree Scavenger Hunt

Enter for your chance to win an Oak Tree!



The Greenwich Tree Conservancy’s Great Oak Tree Scavenger Hunt Is ON!

Enjoy family fun and a chance to win a noble Oak Tree.

Enter to win!  


It’s Easy to Play: 


  1. Click here to download and print your entry sheet, or pick one up at Sam Bridge, McArdle’s, Town Hall or the Greenwich Botanical Center
  2. Find all four types of oak trees pictured on the entry sheet. *Hint – they can be found within our town-wide Arboretum. Click here for locations and maps and follow us on Instagram @greenwichtreeconserv for more helpful hints.
  3. Drop your completed form off at the front register of Sam Bridge Nursery from September 15th to October 21st at 2pm when we’ll have a drawing to see who will win an oak tree. Be sure to include your name, email address and phone number.
  4. Completed forms may also be emailed to by October 19th or dropped off at the front register of McArdle’s by 5 p.m. on October 20th.
  5. Take a moment to let us know where you found your oaks. GTC’s arboretum maps show many in town parks. Have some IG fun – post a photo of each tree and tag @greenwichtreeconserv with the hashtag #greatoakscavengerhunt!

Join us for the drawing at Sam Bridge Nursery on Oct 21st at 2pm to see who wins and enjoy refreshments and treats!


You do not need to be present to win.


Oaks are a keystone species that feed and shelter hundreds of species including your favorite song birds. They clean our air and absorb significant stormwater while shading and cooling our neighborhoods. Oaks offer majestic beauty and a sense of place to our community.

To learn more about our native oak trees visit Why Plant Native Trees?


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