Your Tree Warden

The GTC is most fortunate to work closely with Town Tree Warden, Bruce Spaman. Bruce approves the locations of GTC tree plantings and determines the appropriate species and varietals. Additionally, he generously lends his expertise for seasonal tree walks in town parks and on private land.

In his capacity as Town Tree Warden, Bruce seeks to protect trees and has the authority to rule on whether construction projects on public properties are permitted to remove mature trees. When permission is granted for tree removal, Bruce determines the number of trees that will need to be planted as replacement.

Bruce Spaman

Town of Greenwich, Department of Parks & Recreation
Superintendent of Parks and Trees Division / Town Tree Warden


Bruce Spaman, a Connecticut native, has been active as a professional in the fields of Arboriculture, Forestry and Landscape Management since 1975. Mr. Spaman attended Paul Smith’s College and received a degree from the School of Forestry in 1974 with minor concentrations in the fields of surveying and recreation. Prior to his employment with the Town of Greenwich in 2002, he was self employed for 23 of the last 27 years managing a tree care and landscape management service business, and as a consultant to municipalities as well as private, corporate and association landowners with regards to Arboriculture, Forestry and Landscape Management concerns. He has also served as the Manager of The Bartlett Tree Expert Co., a national tree service corporation based in Connecticut.

Mr. Spaman as a consultant has served as the City Forester for the City of Middletown for 12 years and has been employed as the Tree Warden for the Towns of Madison and Guilford in Connecticut.

Since September 2002, Mr Spaman has been employed by the Town of Greenwich as the Superintendent of the Parks and Trees Division. He is responsible for the maintenance of all parks, playgrounds, school campuses, athletic fields, passive recreation areas, beach parks, traffic circles, public cemeteries, shade trees, roadside trees, and all public grounds under the jurisdiction of the Town.
As Tree Warden he has the duty for the “care and control of all trees and shrubs” along roads and on public grounds in the Town as provided by Connecticut General Statute. It is the responsibility of the Tree Warden to ensure that public trees are properly maintained, removed if deemed hazardous to the public, and replanting new trees where needed.

He currently maintains an Arborist License with the State of Connecticut and is a former Certified Forester with the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection.

Mr. Spaman has been active in many local and regional conservation and professional organizations and associations in the areas of Forestry, Arboriculture (science of the care of trees), Urban Forestry, Parks Management, and Tree Wardens

Mr. Spaman received the award as the ‘Outstanding Urban Forestry Professional’ from the Connecticut Urban Forestry Council in 1994.