My Passion for Trees Post Screening Quiz

Judi Dench, “My Passion for Trees” Post-Screening Quiz

We are so pleased you were able to join us for the special screening of
Judi Dench, “My Passion for Trees” at the Avon theater in Stamford.

Below are three questions based upon information shared in the documentary. Answer all questions correctly to be placed in a drawing to win
a special prize from the Greenwich Tree Conservancy.

All answers must be submitted by email to
by Sunday, March 8th.
Good luck!

    1. According to the film, which type of tree is the oldest in Europe? 

  • Yew
  • Larch
  • Oak

    2. Approximately how many leaves were estimated to be on Judi Dench’s old oak tree?

  • 150,000
  • 260,000
  • 325,000

    3. What is the term used to refer man-made carvings in trees? 

  • Arborcide
  • Arborglyphs
  • Arborculture