Treasured Trees Nominations are Open!


In addition to a town wide Arboretum on public land, The Greenwich Tree Conservancy’s Treasured Trees Program highlights special trees on private properties to create respect for the many beautiful and unique trees to be found throughout our community.


Winners will be selected by our 2024 judges Sam Bridge of Sam Bridge Nursery and John Conte of Conte & Conte. Treasured Trees are scored on ornamental value, uniqueness, pedigree, size, age, and most of all, the personal story of the tree. Winning entries will be awarded a framed photograph of their tree at the Treasured Trees Celebration in the Fall and have a nameplate installed. They will be featured on the Greenwich Tree Conservancy’s roster of Treasured Trees.



Nominate your Treasured Tree through the form below or download the form by clicking here and visit the FAQs below for mail-in instructions. Submissions are due by June 30, 2024. 


Treasured Trees FAQ

Which organization are you from?

  The Greenwich Tree Conservancy was founded in 2007 to preserve and enhance the tree and forest resources of Greenwich to benefit our community, our health and our quality of life.


Why are you doing this?

To give residents a mechanism to raise awareness of special trees on private lands, to encourage deliberation before any removal of nameplated trees and to inspire future nominations.


How do I nominate a tree?

To nominate your tree, complete the form above. To submit by mail, click here to download the form to complete and submit by the SUBMISSION DEADLINE, June 30, 2024, along with any available pictures of your tree. Mail forms & photos to Greenwich Tree Conservancy, PO Box 4215, Greenwich, CT 06831. If your tree is designated as a Treasured Tree, you will be notified about the recognition event and a date will be set for the installation ceremony.


What do I win?

We will provide and install a Treasured Tree nameplate on the base of your tree. You will receive a citation from the Tree Conservancy. Annually, the winning Treasured Trees will receive recognition at an event in the Fall and will be featured in a press release to local media.


How does this work?

You can nominate any tree on private land in Greenwich, including property of a religious organization or private school. You must own the tree or have the permission of the owner. Characteristics of Treasured Trees include: notable size, notable age, a unique shape, a history or special narrative, or a pedigree species.


Does the tree need to be on my property for me to nominate it?

No, you can nominate a tree, if you have permission of the property owner.


Does this mean the Town or the Conservancy owns my tree?

No. you remain the sole owner of the tree.


Does this mean I can’t prune or cut down the tree?

No, you retain the right to prune or cut down the tree but we hope a tree so recognized will not be cut down unless necessary.  You remain solely responsible for any pruning or other maintenance work.


If I sell, does the new owner own the tree?

Yes, the tree is part of the property you are selling to the new owner.


Can you keep the tree address confidential?

Yes, we reserve the right to publish pictures of the tree and information on genus, size and other aspects, but will not publish its address or general location  without the owner’s permission.


Will I get my tree pictures back?

Yes, but we will keep the right to use them in our publicity and in any pictorial roster of all Treasured Trees.