How We’ve Grown in 10 Years

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2500 Trees Planted on Public Lands

How We Do It

  • Through Private-Public Partnership with the Town of Greenwich
  • Using the important Right Tree, Right Place concept
  • Through our Commemorative and Memorial Tree Program
  • Through our Shady Lanes Initiative focusing on specific roads
  • With Arbor Day Tree Plantings

Educational Forums, Workshops, Speakers, Panels and Lectures

  • Environmental Symposium: partnering with community organizations
  • Forest Forensics: The Hidden Secrets of Forests, Tom Wessels
  • Protecting Trees During Construction workshop
  • Protect our Trees From Insects: Asian Long-horned Beetle workshop
  • CT Noble Tree Program discussion and workshop
  • The Book of Trees: Author Gina Ingoglia
  • Forests and the Changing Climate: Science Lecture at Bruce Museum
  • Solutions to Deforestation: Science Lecture at Bruce Museum
  • The New England Forest Ecosystem: Science Lecture at Bruce Museum
  • Power Struggle Panel: Balancing the Needs of People, Power & Trees
  • Horticulturist Michael Dirr
  • Tree Rings and the History they Reveal, Dendrologist, Neil Pederson
  • Smithsonian Gardens Arborist Greg Huse
  • Entomologist Doug Tallamy
  • Homeowners and Realtors Workshop: Panel Discussion

Annual Arbor Day Tree Party at McArdle’s Greenhouse
Educational Forums, Workshops, Speakers, Panels and Lectures

  • Family Awesome Tree Photography Contests: 5 categories to which trees are nominated and awards given
  • Branching Out Art Show: Artists created works inspired by trees in their selected mediums
  • Mother Nature Children’s Show

Town Tree Walks:

  • Bruce Park
  • Binney Park
  • Byram Park
  • Babcock Preserve
  • Montgomery Pinetum
  • Audubon Greenwich
  • Greenwich Point
  • Great Captain’s Island
  • Treetops
  • Seven Bridges Foundation

Local and State Advocacy on behalf of Greenwich Residents

  • Passed Town Tree Ordinance protecting trees on public lands
  • Testify at Tree Hearings to protect local trees
  • Utility testimony at PURA and
  • Extensive testimony at Siting Council to protect trees in Bruce Park from underground cabling; only time Siting Council has ever ruled against Utility
  • Member of State Vegetation Management Task Force

Tree Projects

  • Parking Parks: Green town parking lots
  • Arboretum: Inventory and label town trees

Community Partners

  • Garden Education Center
  • Audubon Greenwich
  • Greenwich Land Trust
  • Greenwich Green and Clean
  • Bruce Museum
  • Greenwich Libraries
  • League of Women Voters of Greenwich
  • Greenwich Arts Council
  • Greenwich United Way
  • Greenwich Community Gardens
  • Greenwich Garden Clubs
  • Greenwich Point Conservancy
  • Friends of Greenwich Point

Print Brochures

  • Commemorative Tree Program
  • Why it is Important to Plant Trees
  • What are my Tree Rights relating to Public Utilities?
  • You can’t Unchop a Tree
  • Mission/Membership