Commemorative Tree Program

Commemorate an event and honor someone who has touched your life by planting a tree. In partnership with the Town of Greenwich Superintendent of Parks and Trees/Tree Warden, this program is designed to encourage  the planting of trees on municipal lands in the town of Greenwich. Trees may be planted to commemorate service or accomplishments, in honor of or in memory of an individual or for a notable event.

How to Participate

A form for each commemorative tree follows and should be completed and sent back to the GREENWICH TREE CONSERVANCY with payment or credit card information.

Following the planting of the tree, the GREENWICH TREE CONSERVANCY will provide donors with a certificate officially recognizing the commemorative tree. The certificate will contain:

  • name of the recipient/commemorative event
  • tree species
  • general location of tree
  • date of tree planting

Commemorative trees will be planted at an appropriate time, generally from April 1 through October 30th. The Town of Greenwich may extend, shorten or delay planting of trees dependent upon weather conditions.

Prices include the purchase, planting and administrative costs associated with the tree planting and a tax-deductible donation to the GREENWICH TREE CONSERVANCY. Trees will be approximately 2 to 3 inches in diameter. Specimen trees will cost more depending upon selected variety. All trees will be given a two-year guarantee by the Town. The Town will provide one replacement tree at or near the original planting site should the commemorative tree fail to survive.

Tree and Gift Level Selection

Trees planted as part of this program should be suitable for this region and selected from the trees listed below. Please CIRCLE the gift level and tree(s) of your choice, which will become part of a formal record of commemorative trees planted on municipal lands.*

For CUSTOM DONORS, contributions will be determined by the number and type of trees, after a discussion with GTC and the Town of Greenwich Superintendant of Parks and Trees/Tree Warden. These donors will be able to select a general location for their tree planting from a pre-approved list provided by the GTC and the Tree Warden. The final location for the planting of all commemorative trees will be at the discretion of the Tree Warden. Commemorative trees shall become the property of the Town of Greenwich immediately upon planting upon town lands.

Download our PDF for more information on how to get your commemorative tree planted
Commemorative Tree Program Brochure
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