Town of Greenwich Plan of Conservation and Development.

Please contact your RTM members in support of the
Plan of Conservation and Development

The Greenwich Tree Conservancy has been among the many organizations and individuals who have spoken at public workshops, participated in planning meetings, and worked with the Planning and Zoning Commission and the Director of P&Z on the Plan of Conservation and Development (POCD).

We applaud the Commission’s vision for this Plan which in their words “…is to protect and harness our Town’s historic heritage, natural landscape, and topographical diversity, while addressing the challenges brought on by growth, climate change and technological advances.” The Plan incorporates many of the goals expressed by the Greenwich Tree Conservancy and Greenwich residents. You can review the plan here:

We ask that you contact your RTM members to urge passing of the Plan of Conservation and Development. Below is the list of RTM District Chairs. Please contact them and ask them to forward your comments to other members of your district. Thank you.


District 1
Dean L. Goss, Chair


District 2
Wilma Nacinovich, Chair


District 3
Thomas P. Conelias, Chair


District 4
Robert J. McKnight, Jr., Chair


District 5
Edward T. Broadhurst, III, Chair


District 6
Candace Garthwaite


District 7
Elizabeth “Wynn” McDaniel, Chair


District 8
Joshua H. Brown, Chair


District 9
Betsey S. Frumin, Chair


District 10
Gerald L. Anderson, Chair


District 11
Susan Fahey, Chair


District 12
Robert T. May, Chair